Series and Investigative

It’s a luxury and a challenge to tell a story with more time. In fact, I sometimes miss my grad school days when I trained exclusively in longform producing.

But once in a while, I still get the chance to take a closer look at a subject that deserves some more attention.


The imbalance of supply and demand of the Seattle housing market is displacing droves of people who can no longer afford to stay in their hometown. I compared the status and policies of Seattle to another expensive market, San Francisco:

Months before Seattle leaders proposed regulation of short-term rentals, I looked into the effect of Airbnb and VRBO on the Seattle rental market:

Nearly four years after I first covered the topic in Memphis, I looked into the scientific basis of FDA’s rules about blood donations from gay men:

I found the Washington state agency overseeing child care facilities does not have a solid communication system with parents about investigations and inspections. This story is told through the eyes of a mother whose baby died at a day care that should not have been open: