Crime and Spot News

The moment breaking news happens, I feel the adrenaline rush of wanting to be first and to be right. Sometimes the crime or accident is intense, and I’m thankful for my background in psychology when I speak to people who are probably in shock and pain.

Then when the dust clears, I like having the opportunity to look at the more deeply-rooted problems that create the crime we see.


In September 2015, I happened to be driving a few car lengths behind a fatal crash involving a Ride the Ducks amphibious vehicle. I pulled over and started reporting:

In April 2015, a baby was shot and killed in Kent, WA, and her family approached me outside the hospital on live television:

Fire raged through several Washington counties, including Omak, in August 2015. My photographer and I happened to get trapped between fire lines in an evacuation zone:

In November 2009, a soldier opened fire on the Fort Hood army base in Killeen, TX, killing 13: