I’m a numbers nerd. I love using data to explain the world around us. Mix that with my background in psychology, and you start to get the stories that reveal little truths of human behavior: why people do what they do, and how they plan to act for a better future.

Right now, I tell these stories in Seattle for KIRO 7. Before that, I reported and anchored for WREG in Memphis and KXXV in Killeen, TX.

I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area, I sing, I tap, I bake cupcakes, and I want to know what’s happening in your world.


I have always been a storyteller, but I became a reporter by accident.

It started with fiction. I recited my own versions of fairytales to my parents’ dinner guests, created my own picture books as a child, and eventually minored in creative writing in college. I loved Disney movies (and still do.) I was amazed by how much a well told story could make me feel empathy for characters that aren’t even real.

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Series and Investigative

It’s a luxury and a challenge to tell a story with more time. In fact, I sometimes miss my grad school days when I trained exclusively in longform producing.

But once in a while, I still get the chance to take a closer look at a subject that deserves some more attention.
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Affordability Crisis

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in America, and the new population is bringing unprecedented wealth from the technology industry. Housing is scarce, and low-wage workers continue to fight for better working conditions.

While the city has recently raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and created a comprehensive plan to build affordable housing, elected leaders continue with efforts to regulate worker schedules and allow rideshare drivers to collectively bargain.

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Crime and Spot News

The moment breaking news happens, I feel the adrenaline rush of wanting to be first and to be right. Sometimes the crime or accident is intense, and I’m thankful for my background in psychology when I speak to people who are probably in shock and pain.

Then when the dust clears, I like having the opportunity to look at the more deeply-rooted problems that create the crime we see.

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